Russell Wilson is very similar to this Hall of Fame QB

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Colin Cowherd talks Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson after his performance against the Houston Texans during Week 8.

- Our brains get programmed to expect certain things. And like an oven burner, if an oven burner was orange you would expect, your brain is programmed, you think it's going to be hot. And if you ever, let's say they invented something and it was fake or it was counterfeit, and you put your hand on an oven burner and it was cold and it was orange, it would take your brain a second to kind of program that, wait that's not what I expect. And I see this a lot in quarterbacks. And I-- there's a lot of different reasons this happens, but we get used to certain things.

- And it was weird to see Magic Johnson be a 6' 9" point guard. And there had never been one. And it was like, oh OK. When Magic came out of college to the NBA people were like, stay in school, he can't shoot, he won't be able to defend. We're not used to seeing 5' 11 1/2" quarterbacks who run like Russell Wilson or Steve Young.

- And we're not-- if you ask a lot of fans and a lot of players, before the year the NFL Network had a top 100 list of top 100 players. Russell Wilson ranked below Dak Prescott and Matt Ryan as a quarterback, and Derek Carr. Are you out of your mind? Russell Wilson, six years of work now, compares favorably to one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL. His name is Steve Young. I'll put the stats up. It is shocking. And by the way, yards per attempt, TD interception, passer rating, top five for both all-time. It's the same guy. But our brains have been programmed. Steve Young was a lefty. He came in as a runner, then developed as a great thrower. Russell Wilson came in 5' 11 1/2" and even played baseball shortstop, didn't look like quarterbacks.

- But they're really the exact same player. High IQ, tremendous generational feet and mobility, who have developed into very good pocket passers. But they play different, and they look different, and we're just-- we just didn't have lefties who ran like Steve Young. And we just don't have 5' 11" guys who run around and make plays like Russell Wilson. Yesterday Russell Wilson put in an absolute clinic. And it's incredible. Players don't get Russell Wilson. They put Matt Ryan, whose numbers tell you he's a little better than Andy Dalton, above a Hall of Fame quarterback Russell Wilson. I said it Russell is a Hall of Fame quarterback.

- It is amazing. If you ask fans, they put Cam Newton here and Russell Wilson below him. Folks, it ain't close. It's not even close Russell Wilson is more accurate, makes better decisions, is more emotionally, physically available, is a better slider when he runs, appears to be really coachable, I mean, is more accurate, throws fewer bad picks, more-- and by the way, Russell Wilson has generally had a below-average offensive line and below-average wide receiving corps, and a defensive-minded head coach. But when your brain gets programmed, you're just not used to seeing Steve Young and Russell Wilson. They just didn't look like previous quarterbacks.