Colin calls out Cam Newton’s inconsistent personality, compares him to Johnny Manziel

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In questioning his maturity and ability to effectively lead an NFL locker room, Colin calls out Cam Newton's personality and compares the Carolina Panthers QB to Johnny Manziel.

- By the way, 31 other quarterbacks in this league can handle being a quarterback and handle the press conferences, weekly. You think Eli Manning is having fun with the New York press these days, one in six Giants? When you're a movie star, you have to go on Fallon, James Corden, Stephen Colbert. That's the job description for the movie star. We put your name on the marquee, The Rock, doesn't matter if it's Jamie Foxx, then you got to do the circuit. You got to do Conan, you got-- and when you're a quarterback in this league, you've got go to the podium and answer the questions.

That's the reality of the position. That is part of the job description, deal, front and center, more than any other player with winning streaks and losing streaks. It's the same reason that Jamie Foxx has a new movie coming out in six months, and you'll see him on all the late night shows. That's part of the money we're paying you. You got to be front and center on the talk shows-- not the character actors, not the food truck people-- the movie star. So that's first.

But it's very interesting, that when Cam Newton came out, there was a guy named Nolan Nawrocki. He has this book every year-- it's kind of the Bible to a lot of people-- that he talks about all the positions. He was very, very, strengths, weaknesses, under the weaknesses-- because he said a lot of great things about Cam, it was longer than the weaknesses-- but in the weaknesses, the negatives for Cam, he said, enormous ego, knows where the cameras are, plays to them, can be selfish, accountability, lacking, immature, issues with authority. That's exactly what Cam Newton has become. Great at times, and this.

Nolan Nawrocki also talked about Johnny Manziel. And in both, Cam and Johnny Manziel's case, he got personal. He talked about personality traits. He said about Johnny Manziel, carries a sense of entitlement, prima donna, arrogance, parties too much, drawn to the trappings of the game. He'll be challenged to just avoid a Ryan Leaf-like crash and burn, if he doesn't settle down and mature, high risk.

So in both, Cam and Johnny Manziel, he talked about personality traits when he talked about their weaknesses. And in both cases he's been accurate. And in both cases, fundamentally, teams should absolutely be concerned about personality traits. This is something I've talked about a lot with quarterbacks, you become your personality.

Jay Cutler is inconsistent and moody. His game is inconsistent. Cam is inconsistent, his game is inconsistent. Johnny Manziel, high risk, his career is over.

Brett Favre, tough, his game was defined by tough. Peyton Manning, obsessive, his game was largely career-defined by his obsessive preparation. Brady, focused, defined his career. When it comes to quarterback, personality traits-- because it's a leadership position where we ask so much of you-- are essential to drafting a player.

You absolutely needed to know about Cam's personality traits. You absolutely needed to know about Johnny Manziel's personality traits. When Cam came out, Nolan Nawrocki-- that's racist! It-- it-- it-- no, these are traits-- that if you do a little digging-- were well known among teams, they've all come true.

And Johnny Manziel, the Patriots' dossier, said-- with a little digging-- the exact same thing Nolan Nawrocki said on Johnny Manziel, crash and burn, partier, arrogant, seeking attention. So when everybody defends Cam, it always comes down to, you're getting personal. You're talking about his person-- no, no, with quarterbacks, you can look at the great ones and the flops, and with virtually all of them, their problems or greatness is from personality traits. If it was all about arm strength, Matt Stafford and Jay Cutler each have five Super Bowls.