Matt Ryan is Andy Dalton playing in a dome

Colin Cowherd talks Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons after Week 6 of the NFL season.

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COLIN COWHERD: Let's check in on Matt Ryan's year, and Andy Dalton, to see how dissimilar they are-- oh, wait-- virtually, the same quarterback-- look at the passer rating, completion percentage, passing yards, touchdown-interception-- interesting, isn't it?

You're stubborn if you don't back down, if you're wrong and don't do your homework-- you do it-- Matt Ryan, 10 years in the NFL, one perfect year with a great offensive coordinator, a healthy team, and the division went into the tank in a weaker schedule.

By the way, if you take out the one great year from Matt Ryan, do you know what he averages per game, in his NFL career? 1 and 1/2 touchdowns, one interception, 260 yards, and a passer rating of 90-- welcome to Andy Dalton in a dome.

Stubborn is not backing down when you're wrong. Weak broadcasting is backing down when you're right. By the way, Matt Ryan's got five blown 17-point leads since he came into the league-- that leads the NFL, and I'm not counting the Super Bowl collapse. Matt Ryan's fine. He's a franchise quarterback-- arm, average-- feet, average-- build, average-- late games are average.

Again-- I'm not anti-anything, but if you look at his numbers, he's had the benefit of playing in a dome, he's always had above-average wide receivers, he's, generally-- because of his defensive coaches-- had better-than-average defenses, and that division is not necessarily always well-funded or well-run.

The Saints can be dysfunctional-- for years-- Tampa was dysfunctional, and Carolina-- meh-- up, down, top, bottom, good, not good. I'm not anti-Matt Ryan. I'm pro-data. Matt Ryan is a good quarterback-- he is a B quarterback, who had an A year.

Just like I said-- a realtor can be a B realtor, but one year, sell a mansion because their parents knew a guy, who knew a guy, and they got in and sold a mansion. Doesn't make you a great realtor-- makes you a good realtor, who had a great year.

Matt Ryan's good, but I'll say it again and won't back down-- his career tells you he is closer to Andy Dalton-- though better-- than he is to Tom Brady, and for the last year, you've been telling me the opposite.

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