Frank Thomas explains why he’s not surprised that Aaron Judge still hasn’t recovered from wrist injury

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Frank Thomas joins Dontrelle Willis and Amber Theoharris to discuss reports that Aaron Judge is still dealing with discomfort in his wrist 3 weeks after the injury.

- So we have some news today. After the game, Aaron Judge is talking to reporters, and tells them that, you know, his wrist still isn't feeling good. He's not even swinging a bat right now. What's your reaction to that, and can Giancarlo Stanton keep this team alive? I mean, he's been a one-man band there.

- Well, it's definitely a blow in that locker room, especially you don't know the timetable of Judge when, he's going to come back. And you know, first time, Big Hurt, you need reps even when you're healthy, especially with the wrist area. So this is a shock. And we don't know the timetable so it's a little scary going in that locker room [INAUDIBLE].

- You know, it's not a shock for me. This man has a lot of torque. He's strong as an ox. His wrist going to take time to heal. You know, three weeks is not enough for a fractured wrist-- I mean, for a fractured wrist, it's going to take him at least six weeks. So I'm looking for him to get back first of September, being healthy.

They're going to need a big September out of this guy. But I don't know if they're going to able to get those reps because the minor league seasons are closing down. They'll be in the playoffs at that time.

- With Gian-- you know, for Giancarlo Stanton, he's used to being the focal point of the offense, especially coming up in Miami, being the guy. He relishes in this role. The last 30 games, he's hitting .300. He's focusing on his at-bats, not giving away at-bats because he realizes how important each at-bat is to take pressure off Andujar and Torres and company.

And like I said, when you saw that home run today, he had that smile like, oh yeah, this is my team now. So you know, you want to see that fun. You want to [INAUDIBLE]. And that's why you took on that big contract to have that guy.

- Another key is Gary Sanchez getting back healthy.

- Right.

- I mean, he's had a horrible year at the plate with the average wise. But this guy can get hot in a hurry. The Yankees are going to need a big September from him also.


- You said in our production meeting that Stanton's still going to get some pitches to hit though, because not every swing's looking like he is full [INAUDIBLE] there.

- I think he's setting them up right now.

- Yeah.

- I mean, he'll go from an awful swing and the next one's, he's out of the ballpark. That's good. I mean, bottom line is he's used to being that guy pitched around a lot in Miami. He's going to find that down the stretch if Judge doesn't get healthy, or Sanchez doesn't get healthy.

But he can handle it, because he's one of those guys that, hey, he can strike out three times, next one he's going to hit a grand slam out of the ballpark. That's the type of hitter he is.

- He's been on fire, 19 RBIs in his last 19 games. He hits his 20th homer tonight.