Who is the best reliever on the trade market?

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Kevin Burkhardt, Nick Swisher and, Mark Sweeney tell us their picks for the top relievers on the trade market.

- Let's talk about relievers who are available on the market, relievers who you would go get. I know the guy that you go get is the highlight we just showed.

- Yeah, and you know what? You think about, too, it's high-leverage situations, guys that can close out games that you're looking for. But also, you see organizations, they want team control. And that's the reason why I like Blake Treinen. And He is under team control to 2021.

But when you think of Blake Treinen and where he started, he had seven starts as a Washington National. And you think about what he could do, he had the velocity already. He was pitching upper 90s. But he didn't have the location, didn't look comfortable, didn't have the finish on his pitches. And they ended up losing him to Oakland.

When you start seeing the stuff in the Washington Nationals, you realize he had potential. And then you start taking a look at him in the Oakland A's uni-- this breaking ball has finish, it has more tilt. And you see the awkward swings. They'll tell you the stuff that they have.

And here's the thing, you've got secondary stuff. Then you have triple digits, upper 90s that has velocity, as you touched on, KB, that's a bowling ball that has late movement. And he can embarrass you. It's swing-and-miss stuff. That's the reason why I say Blake Treinen is the guy to go out if the Oakland A's will let him go out there and go somewhere else.

- After hearing that, I think I want him. I want-- I want Blake Treinen now.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: You know, it's hard. The Nationals just couldn't wait for him. It didn't work out, obviously, because they didn't win. But at the time, they went and got Doolittle and Madson because they wanted the guys who were proven. But boy, he looks really good.

How about you, Swish? Who you going and getting?

- I can't believe, you don't even take your own guy, the fighting Swings. I'm going to go with left-handed closer, Brad Hand. I'm telling you, this man has been amazing. He is a workhorse. He can throw two, three days in a row if you need him. 23 out of 27 save opportunities. Left-handed batters are hitting .122 against him. He is absolutely dominating them. Fastball, slider, curve, mix up.

And the thing about him that makes him a sexy reliever in my eyes is the fact that he can do it all. He's not just a closer. He is a high-leverage pitcher.

Sweeney, you've seen him. You know what he can do. You give him the ball, any situation, and what's he doing? He standing there saying, right here, I want the ball each and every day. That's why I think Brad Hand is one of the most sexy relievers on the market.

- He's got tremendous stuff. I think both of these guys and the teams that they're at, they also value these guys being able to close out the games they're supposed to win.

- Right

- Oakland has been a good story. But the Padres need to win games late in the game because you don't want demoralize a club like that. I think that's the reason why I say Blake Treinen to because Brad Hand I think's going to stay on the Padres.


- Oh, sorry.

- No, no, no. Sorry.

- Not to interrupt. It's so nice to see starters go into the bullpen and having success. Because when you take those bullpen guys and trying to turn them into starters, it just seems like it just goes south.

- Listen, I got to-- I got to tell you--