Cris Carter reacts to Kelvin Benjamin’s critical comments on Cam Newton

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Cris Carter reacts to Kelvin Benjamin's criticizing the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton.

- But I am excited though because very rarely in sports do we get a true, like, test case of something someone says. Kelvin Benjamin says, put me with any other quarterback. Well lucky you. We got you on a team with AJ McCarron, Nate Peterman, and a rookie in Josh Allen who, if he plays this year, he will be as raw as any rookie quarterback we've seen, even if you believe in Josh Allen long term.

So let's see if that's true because even if you thought Kelvin Benjamin was disappointing in Carolina, last year in Carolina, he averaged four catches, 60 yards, 15 yards a catch with a couple touchdowns in his half season there. In his half season in Buffalo, that was down to less than three catches a game.

36 yards a game. Less than 14 yards per catch with one touchdown his whole time there. So if it really was Cam-- because I think some of his comments are accurate-- I also think he's the worst messenger for this. Not only because you shouldn't take shots at a former teammate, but because what about Kelvi-- Kelvin Benjamin's got a lot of wide receiver traits that are similar to Cam Newton's quarterback traits.

Physically gifted. You know, almost oversized for the position, and has not made the most of it. Like, see, you're the route running expert. Like, would you say Kelvin Benjamin is running precise? That he needs to be cut off at 8?

He's cutting off at 8. He's got his hips turned in the right direction like--

- No sir.

- Right. And so I-- I feel like he is-- he-- there's a little bit of projection in these comments even if we all know, of course Cam should be more accurate. Of course his fundamentals, particularly his footwork, should be better. And too often he relies on the fact that he's one of the greatest athletes ever to play that position to get him out of trouble spots.

- Last season, Cam Newton-- only DeShone Kizer had more games with a passer rating below 70. All right? DeShone Kizer, the Browns gave up on, was the second round pick. Shipped him off to Green Bay. And also on the other side, Alex Smith and Tom Brady are the only ones who have more games with Cam Newton with a passer rating over 120.

Now that's not to disparage that you ever want. So Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin are a lot alike. Both of them have the potential to be All-Pro, but neither one has made the type of adjustments that, I think, it takes to be great.

Kelvin Benjamin is a wide receiver. He had the same problem in college, being overweight. He's a big body type. He's always-- he's always going to be a big man. But as a wide receiver, it makes no sense to be out of shape and be a professional athlete.

Now he said he was going through a grieving phase as far as his mother this offseason-- or the off season he had problems with Carolina two offseasons ago. That's no excuse for not being in shape because even if you're going through some things traumatic in your life, it only takes two hours-- hour and a half-- to get your workout in.

You're supposed to-- you're supposed to be a professional. So Cam Newton and Benjamin have some of the same qualities. They should be better at this point in their career. Now you might not like the messenger. Cam Newton should be a better quarterback.

Kelvin Benjamin should be a better receiver. He is not better off with some other quarterback than he was with Cam. And he is getting ready to see that man, there are the haves and the have nots in the NFL. And he is getting ready to be thrown the ball by the have nots in younger talent that is not proven.

So the message is accurate. Cam Newton should be better. Now you might not like the messenger, but the message is clear. Cam's is a superstar. And he should play like it and have the consistency of a superstar.