Cris Carter reveals why the Giants should offer Odell Beckham Jr. his contract extension

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In his conversation on the New York Giants' GM saying Odell Beckham Jr's contract talks will start ‘sooner rather than later', Cris Carter reveals why the Giants should offer OBJ his contract extension. Do you agree with Cris?

- The thing about it that's nice-- and you heard from the ownership in the Giants yesterday, that they would begin to talk about a contract. The Giants are-- they're a great organization. And that's one of the things that I've always stood by as far as them, what they're going to do with their coach, what they decide to do with the players. This organization that has done things the right way for a long period of time.

So I thought they would do the right thing by OBJ, but I know they were conflicted based on the things that they had seen. And the thing that they had already addressed with him, that he hadn't really gained control of. So I think that they're at the right point. He's in the last year of his contract. He is a superstar in the NFL. The Giants do need him. But they need him at a certain price.

Now, I think that Odell, based on his injury from last season and some of the things off the field-- he's probably come off of the--

NICK WRIGHT: Quarterback money.

- Yes. Like, he was-- he was delusional when he said, hey, I want to get quarterback money. I want to be the highest paid-- like, that's not necessary. Like, as long as they make him the highest paid wide receiver, which he should because it's his turn. And that's the way the market typically-- if you're one of the top five guys-- typically you can get into that slot. And that's where he should be.

I don't think the Giants are delinquent. I don't think-- I think that the timing is right. Because what if in the last three months they had given him $80 million? Like, what sense would that have made for them? Because they don't have any guarantees that what Odell's going to do in the future. So I think that he's kind of earning back their trust. You can kind of see a push, pull between the two.

JENNA WOLFE: By showing up for training camps. Staying out of the limelight.

- And I think that they've talked about that. Show up, and then we'll start having talks. It's not as a-- an owner is not going tell the media first before they tell the player.


- So you know they've communicated this to him. Do the right things, show up, be a good leader, and we'll do what we're supposed to do.

- And it is time for Odell to get an extension, just like it's time for Cleo Mack to get an extension. Same draft. Just like it's time Aaron Donald to get an extension. Same draft. Just like it was time for Zack Martin to get an extension. He got his earlier than these other guys, earlier this offseason. Same draft. Those are four guys from what has turned out to be a really--


- --quality top half of the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. Mack was a defensive player of the year. Donald was a defensive player of the year. Odell Beckham-- I've talked ad nauseum about through at this point in his career, 47 games, there's never been a more productive receiver. Zack Martin's probably the best guard in football.

When the players-- and we can talk about they signed a bad CBA, there were-- they should have gone more for-- about that they shouldn't have done the rookie salary scale the way they did. But one of the-- one of the things that the union, therefore the players, were told was the reason we are doing the new rookie salary structure is so money can be in reserve for our proven veterans.

As odd as it sounds, Odell Beckham is now a proven veteran. Once you're into year 5, you're a veteran in this league. He's as proven as any wide receiver in football, short of Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. And skill wise, he's right there with them. So, yes. The only reason he wouldn't is if you think the off the field stuff has gotten to a level where it's untenable to keep him long term.