Nick Wright unveils ‘two very clear options’ for the New York Giants and Odell Beckham Jr.

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In his discussion with Chris Canty, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright unveils 'two very clear options' for the New York Giants and Odell Beckham Jr. What should John Mara and the G-Men do?

NICK WRIGHT: What Steve Tisch is saying sounds good, but in terms of the timeline on when his contract is going to get done, Odell Beckham Jr. has the potential to force their hand, because if he's saying that he's not going to step on a football field until he gets a long term contract extension, the Giants are going to be put in a position where they've got to address it either by giving him the money that he wants or forcing a holdout and then having to address it by potentially having to trade him.

- Now, when you say not step on the field-- like, a lot of players, L-Bell, when they got franchised, they're going to hold out through training camp and then come Week 1. Are you saying he's not going to play at all week number one in a contract hold out, or he's not coming to the Giants, you know, until they start the season? Because there's a difference between the two.

NICK WRIGHT: There is a difference in between the two, but in looking at Odell's situation, I think he wants to be on the field. Coming off the injury, he wants to be able to show that he's able to move past that. And I'm with you. You said it off the top of the show. It's a broken ankle, so I don't have any questions in terms of him being able to get back to full strength.

But in terms of what this means for the Giants moving forward, I don't know that they want to have the distraction of Odell Beckham Jr. wanting a contract extension when you have a new regime, a new general manager, and a new head coach trying to reset the culture in that locker room. Because if you look at it, they had 13 losses last year for a reason. And that all wasn't a lack of talent. There was clearly some chemistry issues going on. They got to get that stuff fixed.

- I think the Giants have two very clear options. One is to give Odell Beckham Jr. the contract extension that he wants, which will make him not the highest paid player in the league. That was never going to happen. But the highest paid wide receiver in the league, that is what should happen. Like, he's the next man up, and he's one of the three best in his position. Like, give him that extension. You can put things in it as CC talked about earlier, as I talked about yesterday, to protect yourself, some clauses in there that void guarantees, I would say particularly if he's ever suspended from the league, particularly if it's a drug suspension. You can do those things to protect yourself and keep it moving with your best player.

Your other option, to me, if you're not doing that, you need to shop him and potentially move him and say, you know what? We're drafting a quarterback number two. We're getting picks for Odell. We're tearing this whole thing down.

Because what the third option, to me, is the untenable one. Standing pat. Play out your option. Have this giant-- have your best player on the team be unhappy with a new head coach, with a new general manager, in the waning moments of Eli Manning's career, a guy who we know-- listen.

Eli, since Odell's come into the league, when he's throwing to Odell, it's a 110 passer rating. When he's throwing to anyone else on his team, has an 83 passer rating. Eli is a great quarterback throwing to Odell and an average quarterback throwing to everyone else the last four years. They need him, so they either need to figure out how to make it work with him or sever ties. I would choose the former over the latter, certainly.

- News flash. Even if Odell gets the new contract, I can guarantee he's going to have a pouting segment. He's going to have something happen on the field. So you're saying that him not being happy is paramount-- even after he gets the contract, he's still not going to be happy. There's still going to be stuff that's going to come up.

- I agree.

- That is definitely going to happen.