Super Bowl champion Chris Canty unveils how Michael Bennett will elevate the Philadelphia Eagles

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Super Bowl champion Chris Canty unveils how newly-signed Michael Bennett will elevate the Philadelphia Eagles to be even more of a formidable foe. Does this set Philly up to repeat at next year's Super Bowl?

- One of the best defense-- I would say this. Let's break it down to conference. Do they have the best defense in the conference? I think it's a two horse race between them and the Minnesota Vikings, because the Vikings got better by adding Sheldon Richardson as well.

But when you look at, top to bottom, what this Eagles defense can do and the problems that they can present for opposing offenses, you have to love it. I, mean adding Michael Bennett, a rusher that can break down a pocket from the edge or from the interior, to go along with Brandon Graham, another inside out kind of guy, Fletcher Cox, and then adding Haloti Ngata to that defensive tackle rotation with Timmy Jernigan. This is one of the deepest defensive lines, if not the deepest defensive line, in the NFL.

They had 38 sacks from a year ago. And adding two impact players of that caliber is only going to help them be better. But the Philadelphia Eagles are solid top to bottom, all three levels of that defense. Nigel Bradham, Jordan Hicks, those guys are pretty good in the middle. And then you look at the back end with Rodney McLeod, Malcolm Jenkins.

They're going to get Sidney Jones back, as well, a guy today that was drafted it in the second round--

- Yes

- --to play quarter out of Washington. He had an Achilles injury. He's going to come back to go along with Ronald Darby and all those corners that they have. So it's going to be a better Philadelphia Eagles defense. But there are also going to be better teams in that division.

So the fact that they do play a first place schedule. And they're going to have to deal with Drew Brees and the Saints. They're going to have to deal with the Los Angeles Rams. I feel better knowing that they have more guys that can consistently get to the quarterback.

- I think that we have to be careful. I love the signing. It adds to what they are already doing. But last year, their front was able to cover up for their lack of linebacker play when they had injuries. Jordan Hicks, lost him for most of the season. And their cornerbacks-- like, their cornerbacks are not great corners.

So if you look at Philly's defense-- if I'm going-- if I had a game plan we were playing them this weekend, how would I attack them? I'm going after the corners. When you look at Minnesota, even though, in the NFC championship, they made some plays down the field on-- on Minnesota's secondary that were very surprising-- but Minnesota has a better defense, overall, than Philadelphia.

Now, Philadelphia has a better offensive line.

- Right.

- And that's how they were able to dominate that game. So I believe that Michael Bennett is a huge, huge acquisition for the Philadelphia Eagles. And the reason why is because their style, Jim Schwartz getting another weapon in his arsenal, and the versatility for which they can do.

Man, when you guys to your locker room like Haloti Ngata and Michael Bennett, like, these are grown men. Like, these aren't kids. Like, they're only playing for one reason, to try to win a championship.

But I think the number one thing that's important is Michael Bennett's a star in this league. But he immediately adopted the Philadelphia system. He said, I'm ready to be a rotational player. He said, we're going to send waves of defensive linemen. Adam-- so he's already adopted-- when he came over, realizing they had seven guys play 400 snaps.

How can we duplicate that? That is successful here. Let me put down my ego as being a star player, because he was not rotating like that in Seattle.

And you don't see most of the dominant players that would acquiesce immediately and realize this is better for his career.

- All right. So there's something I want to say about Michael Bennett. But before I I do, I just wanted you to expand on one thing real quick. You mentioned adding a guy like Haloti Ngata to locker room. I-- the--

One of the things interesting, talking football with you is, you have a better handle on who these guys are inside a locker room than people that-- than people that don't know the players. Haloti Ngata is a guy that's accomplished a ton in this league, a guy that's been a champion in this league. He is-- he now is also going to a place where he's not going to be featured, where he is going to maybe be a one down lineman for them. You like him in that locker room, why?

- The reason why, it helps free up the linebackers. I didn't think they had great linebacker play. I believe when they get Jordan Hicks back, they'll have more speed there. Haloti Ngata, the reason why I know about Haloti Ngata is because what Ray Lewis told me about what he meant for his game late in his career.

He is a no-nonsense, doesn't say three or four words, has a smile on his face, comes to work every day with a lunch pail. Now, Philadelphia they're the team that, right now, they don't need distractions. They need guys to be able to fit in and buy into what they're doing. That's what New England does.

Guys come there. They forget what their goals are. And they buy into what they're trying to do. And getting that type of guy with Bennett added to that locker room that is a great locker room already with Jim Schwartz, to me, they're just building on the success that they had in 2017.

- How much fun would it be as a D-lineman to be part of that rotation?

- Oh, it would be awesome. Now, a couple of guys that's on that Philadelphia Eagles team, I had the honor of being able to play with, Haloti Ngata and Timmy Jernigan. So both of those guys are dogs. And what you said about Haloti is true, CC. He doesn't have a whole lot to say to the media. But the most important thing is, he can command the respect of his teammates.

And when he has an opportunity to talk to those guys, they know that whatever he says, he's coming from a place of trying to help and trying to contribute. So the fact that these guys, all pro-caliber players, are willing to set their egos aside and try to accomplish what's in the best interest of the common good, which is trying to win another Super Bowl, that speaks volumes about the culture that Doug Peterson and his staff have been able to develop with the Philadelphia Eagles.

So I feel really good about this defense and what it could potentially be. But again, you've got to get all of these moving parts to come together. That's going to be the key for the offseason and the preseason.

- Well, Michael Bennett went on to say he thinks this could be one of the, if not the best defensive line ever, like, that's ever played the game.

- It's great to have goals.

- Did you see that.

- It's great to have goals, Jenna. It's great to have goals.

- But-- but what I will say is this. I don't-- I mean, being the best ever at anything is a tough putt. But Bennett is-- CC alluded to it. He is one of the smarter guys, more thoughtful guys in this league.

- Well-spoken.

- Crazy. He's a little crazy. But, like, he is--

- Football crazy.

- Football crazy, absolutely right. That's a great way to put it. But he and his brother are both smart, thoughtful guys.

- There you go. They need to sign him now.

- Martysaurus Rex?

- Man, we need-- man, we need Marty in Philadelphia.

- That'd be great. That'd be awesome.

- They need a backup tight end.

- They lost Trey Burton, friend of the show, who got rich, got that four-year $32 million deal. I want to say one thing about Bennett before we move on. When you-- they knew they were losing Vinny Curry. To-- to win a Super Bowl, lose a valuable player, and put, in my eyes, a better player in his position and then bring basically everyone else back on what was the strength of your team, that D-line rotation, is an extraordinary luxury.

And I know they rotate guys. But if your four standard starters are Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Timmy Jernigan, Michael Bennett, you'd only double team one, maybe two if you go match protect. You have B-plus to A-plus guys at every spot on your D-line. That is an enormous luxury to have.

- Let me say this one thing. Coming off of a Super Bowl, it's hard to continue to keep that standard of excellence. Hard to eat when you full, CC. So when you have a short offseason, those guys have got to come back ready to go. They can't let complacency set in. So that's the one thing that I like when you're adding these guys from different teams that understand what it takes to win a championship.

- No problem.