Cris Carter reveals how the Patriots’ Super Bowl LII loss will impact the Brady – Belichick legacy

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Reflecting on the New England Patriots' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe how such a impactful defeat will affect the Tom Brady - Bill Belichick legacy in New England and throughout the NFL history books as well.

- If we just stick to the legacy part of it. If they don't win another Super Bowl. If they don't get to another Super Bowl. Do Brady and Belichick cement themselves as the greatest coach-quarterback combo of all time in your opinion?

CRIS CARTER: Yes, but people are closer to them now. The more that the losses equal the wins, the closer people are to them. So let's look at a couple situations. Now Jim Kelly, How many Super Bowls did he go to?

- Four.

CRIS CARTER: All right, Fran Tarkenton, How many did he go to?

- Was it three?


- I'm not certain on Tarkenton.

CRIS CARTER: What about John Elway?

- John Elway went to five.

CRIS CARTER: Oh, OK. But how did he go to them?

- He was the driving force for the first three and they lost--

CRIS CARTER: What about the team's success early? The first three--

- The first three, he was the guy.

- This whole quiz is stressing me out.

- No, no, no, he was the guy. Right, and they lost, absolutely.

CRIS CARTER: And then what happened at the end?

- They got Terrel Davis and a few other guys and our guys stink. They ended up winning.

CRIS CARTER: And he won too?

- Yes.

CRIS CARTER: Didn't that change his legacy?

- Of course.

CRIS CARTER: Don't we look at John Elway, and it's the order for which you win. Like if you win them all and then you start losing, you start coming back down. It's totally different than, if they would have lost two or three and then they ran all five of them--

- It's why the Seattle win was so important. Because they hadn't won a Super Bowl since '04. They had lost in '07, they had lost in '11. And if they had lost to Seattle, it's like well, what the hell happened? Where it's a decade plus of you guys being great, but not getting there.

But let me ask you this, because you mentioned as the losses mount up. Do you agree with me, because most people don't, by the way, that five and three is more impressive than five and two. Or do you think their legacy would have been enhanced knowing what we know now had they lost to the Jags?

CRIS CARTER: I mean they wouldn't have a Super Bowl loss. I would much not have the Super Bowl loss. It's just like Magic Johnson. He's five and four. He will never be considered the best basketball player. And a lot of that is just not based on skill. You know, if LeBron was five and four, we would have a better argument with him over Jordan then we would with Magic because he's a better player than Magic. But with him losing in the finals and his having a losing record in the finals, it's hard to mount that conversation.

- I understand the argument and most people believe it. This is where I've been a man on an island my whole life thinking about this stuff. That a loss in the championship round hurts you. But it doesn't do the other side of the equation, which is getting to the championship round should help you.

- And I agree with you, it is such an incredible feat.

CRIS CARTER: The last thing Brady, down 28 to 3, if we had never seen him ever play again, so don't tell me seeing him play in the Super Bowl enhanced his legacy.

- Oh if they don't come back from that. If they don't come from the 28 to 3.

CRIS CARTER: If you never see him in the Super Bowl again, your last impression is what he did to Atlanta, in overtime. All right? You can't tell me that wasn't tarnished by losing to Minneapolis, to the Philadelphia Eagles, who also had a backup quarterback.