Cris Carter reveals why Bill Belichick benching Pats’ Malcolm Butler was so pivotal in Eagles’ win

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Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why Bill Belichick benching Malcolm Butler was so pivotal in the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl LII victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

- This is not the first time he's been benched this year. In the preseason, he got benched. He got off to a slow start. Belichick said he wasn't pleased with his overall performance. But this is one of the things about Bill Belichick, it's all nice when you win it. But I'm going to tell you he's very, very dismissive to players. And it came back to haunt him. Because it affected their ability to be able to play defense. And when you have a safety guarding a wide receiver, that is not his strong suit.

You saw Chung during the game there was a couple of times he had to be helped off the field. And because Belichick decides to keep Butler on the sideline, it affects the rest of the team.

- You can't swallow your pride when you see that your defense actually does need him? Not when you're playing OK and you want to make a point.

- No, because he thinks that no one is bigger than the team. But in this case, the team as a whole suffered because the decision that you made.

Now, all practice they went through the same lineup. Malcolm Butler was in all the practices. Now, even if they were going to start Rowe, they didn't tell him until after the National Anthem.

So how are you going to tell someone-- one of your front line players-- is not in the game. And it's not going to have an effect. You've got a guy that's in his third Super Bowl in four years. He's crying on the sideline as they get ready to prepare to start the game.