Nick Wright unveils why LeBron James leaving the Cavs for the Golden State Warriors is possible

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In his reaction to a report that LeBron James is open to free agency talks with the Warriors, Nick Wright reveals to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe how Kevin Durant's transition to Golden State and LeBron perennially chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan has paved the door for The King to entertain the notion of playing for the one team that has seemingly been his Kryptonite: the Golden State Warriors.

- Why can't he go to Golden State? I've-- I've heard, for the last year and a half from the media, that you can't criticize Kevin Durant. It's not fair.

- When did you criticize Kevin Durant?

- Well, hold on. Absolutely. And I-- I absolutely did. But I-- I've been told, for a year and a half, if you are a free agent, it is about happiness, it is about-- My partner, Cris Carter, would say, I want to see excellence at the highest levels, and that there-- everything is fair game. The second best player in the world joining a 73-win team with two-time defending MVP, fair game. That's what I've heard. And I've heard that that doesn't make them some unfair mountain to climb. Because I then heard, LeBron losing to them in the finals, it's another block on his-- it's another blotch on his resume, another finals loss.

So if-- if Kevin Durant can join them, in his prime form, when they're coming off 73 wins and up 3-1 in the finals and won the title the previous year and Steph was the unanimous MVP, then sure, LeBron could. I don't think he will. I think it's unlikely. And they-- they talked about it in the report by Chris Haynes-- and, by the way, it is worth noting, Chris Haynes used to work in Cleveland and cover the Cavs. Now he covers the Warriors and Golden State. He is a good reporter. Like I-- I-- I-- it's credible, and I respect his work, so I don't think he's making this up out of thin air.

- No.

- And I bet CB's got more insight on that than I do. But they talked about the things that would have to happen for LeBron to get the $35 million, the max deal. I said on the show yesterday. I mean, depending on how things shake out this year, if LeBron wants to go there for the veteran's minimum. Everyone has said the game is winning rings. Don't worry about your stats. Don't worry about this. The game's winning rings, and if the rings are to be had in Golden State, and you can do whatever you want as a free agent, then I'd-- I'd see no problem with it.