Cris Carter thinks last year’s performance was the most impressive of Brady’s career…and another Super Bowl won’t change that

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Cris Carter talks Tom Brady ahead of Super Bowl LII. Find out why another Super Bowl would be great for Tom's legacy, but maybe not the most impressive moment of his career.

- It wouldn't be more impressive-- the beginning of last season and the end of last season, how the season began with Tom Brady starting on the sideline, being suspended by the NFL, and culminating with him lifting the trophy in Houston being down 28 to 3 and the way he played in that fourth quarter and overtime and the fact that, personally, he had a lot going on as far as his mother. His mother had been sick all season, hadn't been able to see him play. She made the trip to Houston, the family. So it was very, very emotional for them. And absent-- regardless of what they do, that made him the GOAT there. That right there swung the argument.

So people said, oh man, I think he's as good as Montana. I think they're right there. When he won last year, it was a wrap. As a matter of fact now the conversation, who's the second-best quarterback of all time? So I don't think that that-- what he's going to do now, if he was able to win, would top that. And you can't do what he's doing this year as far as repeating unless last year happened. So last year, I think, was the most impressive of all, the fifth win.