Nick Wright analyzes Mike Tomlin’s coaching stats

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Nick Wright compares coaches stats after reports surface that multiple Pittsburgh Steelers partners are lobbying to fire Mike Tomlin.

NICK WRIGHT: I want to address what you said, Jenna. Because I think a lot of people believe it. This year, the AFC North, when you break it down like that, it can seem like those were six easy wins. But because this year it was so slanted towards the great teams being in the NFC, I think the AFC North was the hardest division in the AFC-- certainly harder than the AFC East, certainly harder than the AFC South.

And with the AFC West-- with the Broncos having a down year, the Raiders having a down year-- it's neck and neck with the AFC West. You mentioned, if Tomlin doesn't change, then the organization won't change.

JENNA WOLFE: Well, just that it's an easier option than changing coaches. Change the coach that you have or tinker with the [INTERPOSING VOICES] they have. I'm sorry.

CRIS CARTER: Well, this is what I can guarantee before you get to that.


CRIS CARTER: I can guarantee you, if you take option one, you will not upgrade as a coach.


NICK WRIGHT: Well, but here's the other thing-- the other part-- person that could take ownership of this is a person that is a cause of an enormous amount of these distractions and Ben Roethlisberger.

Why are we talking about the offensive coordinator and whether or not you're supposed to spike the ball or not? Ben Roethlisberger.

Why are we talking about whether or not the quarterback is going to retire? Because of what Ben Roethlisberger said.

Why are we talking about whether or not you're allowed to quarterback sneak? Because of Ben Roethlisberger.

So he has to take some ownership of that as well. But I want to end on this-- one of my favorite things-- one of these blind reveals, CC. Because if you're going to fire Mike Tomlin, you got to-- if Mike Tomlin was fireable, then we're going to have a long list of people that are fireable.

CRIS CARTER: Oh, my gosh. No, no, no. We can't do that.

NICK WRIGHT: Show me-- just show me real quick-- show me a side-by-side coaches. This is their careers as a head coach. Records-- the guy on the left is a little bit better playoff appearances-- guy on the left better playoff wins. You guys can see the whole thing-- sub 500 years.

Now, please show me who those coaches are? Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton--

JENNA WOLFE: What's wrong with Sean Payton's head?

NICK WRIGHT: We out here firing Sean Payton?


NICK WRIGHT: The fleur-de-lis on the top it makes it look like he has a Mohawk.

JENNA WOLFE: Oh, my gosh.

NICK WRIGHT: That's all. We here firing Sean Payton? It took Sean Payton three consecutive losing seasons to even be on the hot seat.


NICK WRIGHT: Coming into this year, Sean Payton was on the hot seat because they were 7 and 9 three years in a row. Mike Tomlin's never had a losing season.

CRIS CARTER: Sean Payton, Andy Reid-- you'd be adding a bunch of the coaches too. If Mike Tomlin is fireable at this point, I would line him up.