Nick Wright reacts to the report that multiple Steelers partners will lobby owner Art Rooney to fire Mike Tomlin

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Nick Wright reacts to the report that multiple Pittsburgh Steelers partners are to lobby owner Art Rooney to fire head coach Mike Tomlin.

NICK WRIGHT: Mike Tomlin is not a perfect head coach.

- No.

NICK WRIGHT: The thing is, there are no perfect head coaches. Oh, what about Bill Belichick? Well, yeah, he's perfect if we want to ignore the multiple scandals that have been associated with that football team that have cost them draft picks. He's the closest we come to it, and even Belichick, you can find something to nitpick.

Do-- I don't love the way Mike Tomlin runs the clock at the end of games, and that's a pet peeve of mine. I don't love the fact that Mike Tomlin seems to run such a loose ship that sometimes it gets away from him a little bit, as we saw with the Antonio Brown Facebook Live at the end-- during the playoffs last year. A year later, Le'Veon Bell the night before the game tweeting about the next week game-- so there are things absolutely you can critique.

To me, Mike Tomlin, though, you can also say this. There aren't five professional football coaches clearly better than him. And it cannot be a simply binary decision, to fire Mike Tomlin or not to fire Mike Tomlin, because if you go with option A, you then have to answer who are we replacing him with, what are we replacing him with, and how big of a step backwards are we willing to take for an organization that is trying to win Super Bowls right now?

They were 13 and 3 this year, and were this far from being 14 and 2 in the one seed. To act as if this is a team that needs a major overhaul when they have been more consistent at this position than any team in all of pro sports over a half-century, I think it's-- I think it's crazy it's even a discussion.