Cris Carter reacts to Jacksonville’s Jalen Ramsey talking trash ahead of Jaguars at Patriots

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Cris Carter reacts to Jacksonville's Jalen Ramsey talking trash ahead of Jaguars at Patriots.

- Jalen Ramsey is the modern day, for those in recent history, let's go with Richard Sherman. And let's look at Seattle, where they were before they got Richard Sherman. Skill set, very, very similar. Jalen's a better athlete, but Richard Sherman kind of set a standard-- four corners-- not only on the field, but off the field. Remember when they faced New England? Yo, bro, you mad?

- You mad? Right, face-to-face with Brady.

- So I take that picture of Jalen-- and also, Jalen was a number three pick from Florida State. He is an extremely talented cornerback. One of the most talented that we've had drafted in the NFL the last 15 years. Arguably, him and Xavier Rhodes of Minnesota, those are the best. They got the best two seasons this year.

So who is this? This guy is phenomenal talent, comes from Florida State-- oh, Florida State. I have to take you back to Deion Sanders. Before Atlanta Falcons drafted him, they had won five games and three games. They were no different than Jacksonville. He changed that city. He changed that culture. Happened to be a Florida State guy, is mentored by Deion Sanders.

So no, this is who Jalen is-- if you're following him on Twitter, if you listen to his interviews. We as a national media, we like to say we cover all the teams. But we don't, all right? We haven't had our eye on Jacksonville. But we had Jalen on this show. We knew that they were an up-and-coming team, and he's one of the bright players in the National Football League.

So that's his personality. He's not out of character. But when you get to a certain point, you have to learn, what's the best thing? And right now, it's OK for Jalen to be that way.