Cris Carter believes Case Keenum is going to have a ton of confidence going into the NFC Championship

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Cris Carter talks Case Keenum after the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday to advance to the NFC Championship game.

- The truth of the matter is in any profession, any job in life, you just want someone to believe in you. You just want someone to give you a chance. And just like Case--


- The Vikings are the only team that made him an offer. All three of the Vikings quarterbacks on last year their contract. Teddy's on a one year deal. Sam Bradford's on a one year deal. But Mike Zimmer put the trust in case before us. Now, I heard word out of Minnesota. I knew what the deal was. The leash, real, real short. Jenna was like, they need to extend it. They need-- for every quarter Case played, Jenna was like, he needs to extend it. He needs to extend it. I said, Jenna, you and Case's mom are the only ones cheering for him right now.

Jenna was like, they need to make him the starter. Name him the starter after the game.

JENNA WOLFE: I preached it a little bit.

- And Jenna, you was right.

JENNA WOLFE: Thank you.

- Case has them in the best position they've been in since 2009 where Brett Favre brought them back and took them into New Orleans. Now, this is a game that Case is probably going to have the most confidence in that he's had his whole career. This bye week--

JENNA WOLFE: Why? Because he has a win under his belt?

- He's got a win under his belt. He's got a coach that believes in him. He's got a great team. He's coming off of a miracle play. Like, who wouldn't think it's third year? Like, Case thinks it's his year. You could see him being on the field and talking with Case in the locker room like he knows it's his moment. And he's basking in it, but to me, the moment wasn't too big for Case, and that's what it showed in this game.