Nick Wright reacts to the Minnesota Vikings beating the New Orleans Saints to advance to the NFC Championship game

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints after Sunday's game in the NFL playoffs.

- You mentioned Michael Thomas. As an aside, Michael Thomas broke most of Odell's records for most production through first two years, we just don't know his name because he doesn't talk, he's not flamboyant, he's just gone out there for two straight years in New Orlean's first two years in league, out of--


- There you go. And been highly productive. He won a match up with arguably the best corner in the league in the second half of that football game. You mentioned Drew Brees. Drew Brees had the worst first quarter of his life. One of six a pick and a zero quarterback rating.

- Zero? A zero for the first quarter. Show the half by half breakdown of what Drew Brees was. First half? Terrible. Second half? Perfect. That is a nearly perfect half of football against maybe the best defense in football. At worst, the second best defense in football. So you're absolutely right. Those all would be storylines. But the Vikings, it was like, to me, watching it from afar-- and this is why I was so happy for you, bro. The Vikings have had such-- from before I was born-- bad luck.

Like, you say, luck doesn't-- man-- luck-- luck-- maybe it all evens out in the end. But when you only have so many years of football and so many games in a season, it takes a long time for things to even out. And I thought when [INAUDIBLE] went out there for the kick, what could have been the game winning kick, I was thinking to myself, man, we said Friday, one of these games can be decided by a kicker. None of these games have been decided by a kicker yet. Please don't let him miss it. And he makes it. And then for the Saints to come back down and take the lead back, it's like this is how this is going to happen again? And instead, the Vikings become the first team in NFL playoff history to win on a walk of regulation touchdown. And one of the greatest finishes to a sporting event I've ever seen.