Cris Carter praises Drew Brees: ‘We need to give him his due respect while he’s playing’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Drew Brees and the New Orleans saints after they beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

- A very good football game, and you could see the biggest takeaway would be that New Orleans is a more balanced team. And I think that this might be not the most talented team that Drew Brees has played on, but it's one that they don't rely on him. But, man, is Drew Brees a great quarterback.

And I just think in this era with Brady, with Manning, with Ben, with Aaron Rodgers, this guy right here does not get the credit that he deserves. If you look at-- he is probably the best passer of the football that we've ever seen. from a percentage standpoint. Not the best arm. Not the best height. Not the best football measurables, but as far as throwing the football-- Nick, you have those blind reveals.


- I mean, if we had a blind reveal with him, you would never believe this guy is barely six foot. He owns four of the top 10 all time completions percentages. He just completed this season 72 percent of his passes. Now, everyone's talked about Kamara this year, Ingram. Yes, it's been great.

But you take them away, they had 40 yards rushing yesterday. And who took over? And the reason why this team is so scary, because arguably he's the best quarterback in the playoffs. Even with Brady and Ben, you can compare Drew Brees or put them on those teams, and those teams would not miss a beat.

So for me, the biggest takeaway was, man, are we really giving this guy enough credit for how good he is? And there is no bigger thing for a quarterback than throwing accuracy. And that's what you're able to see with Drew Brees. It was a pleasure to see. He is truly one of the greatest players, and we need to give him his due respect while he's playing.