Nick Wright wants an 8-game CFB playoff because it’s the most fair process

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Reflecting on UCF head coach Scott Frost stating that he believes UCF was snubbed from the CFB playoff despite being undefeated at a perfect 13-0, Nick Wright reveals why an 8-game CFB playoff would be the most fair process.

- An eight-teem playoff where the five conference champions get in, where the three-- there are three wildcards determined by the playoff ranking, with the caveat-- if you're an undefeated group of five team, your auto in, is the best process. It's the fairest process. It allows for a team like UCF to not be the only undefeated team in the country, yet have no shot at the national championship.

That's how it would go. The first round would be--

JENNA WOLFE: Go. Break it down.

NICK WRIGHT: --at home site. See, that's what I just said. And so this year, what would it have looked like? Well, show what this year's college bowl playoff would have looked like. UCF would have gotten to play Clemson. alabama plays Ohio State. SC plays Oklahoma. And Wisconsin probably gets beat down by Georgia. But still, you then have all your conference champions. Ohio State gets to be in. Clemson-- I'm sorry-- UCF gets to be in. And Alabama still gets to be in to see what they can do.

It works fine. And what Scott Frost says makes perfect sense. They beat Auburn. Auburn beat Georgia. Auburn beat Alabama. And Auburn lost to Clemson by less than they just lost the UCF to. That's three of your four playoff teams.

I don't blame Scott Frost for saying, we could have won the whole damn thing. They absolutely-- it's not likely. But they absolutely could have won the whole damn thing.