Nick Wright on No. 3 Georgia defeating No. 2 Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl: ‘It was an amazing game!’

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright breaks down No. 3 Georgia defeating No. 2 Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl to advance to the National Championship, explaining what made the double OT game such an epic sporting event.

- I'm so glad that's where you went with this because this was such a great football game. And we've been on an incredibly lucky run the last 24 months of finals or semifinal games across sports being unbelievable. The Cavs-Warriors in the championship but before that Cavs-Thunder in the series before.

The UNC-Villanova national championship game, New England-Atlanta Super Bowl, the back to back amazing World Series and now this game yesterday-- We'll get into Clemson-Alabama in a bit but this game in particular was amazing to watch. It had drama. There were 11 ties and the lead changes. I thought it was officiated well and by officiated well I mean, there weren't a lot of flags.

- Right.

- I don't to know if there were a lot of missed calls but there were only seven penalties thrown. The officials weren't a big part of it. The star players made star plays. And the reason I said, CC I'm glad you started there, because I know so much of the conversation today is going to be about a special teams play that wasn't in the blocked kick. So much of the conversation because what we love to do, even after a game as great is that with two great teams, two teams that there was no controversy if they should be in the playoff. No matter what playoff system you want Oklahoma and Georgia were going to be in.

So much of the conversation is going to be about a squib kick at the end of the first half. Did that change momentum? Did that change the game? Oklahoma was up 17. I would caution people, when they talk about this, talk about what Tae Crowder did. Catching that ball on the fly, which is the only reason it was even a question. Then the next play, true freshman Jake Fromm, making a great play with just seconds remaining in the half to Godwin on the sideline to set up a former walk on Rodrigo Blankenship to then make the longest kick off his career.

Like people-- We've done a thing I don't love in sports commentary, which is no matter how well a game is played, no matter how well the game is coached, we have to find someone to blame. The reality is yesterday someone had to lose. Someone was going to lose that game.

Lincoln Riley didn't lose in that game. Baker Mayfield didn't lose in that game. The kids in Georgia that blocked the kick along with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb and true freshman Jake Fromm, won that game. But it could have gone either way. I don't think George is clearly better than Oklahoma. I felt this was an amazing football game that one team had to win.