Joel Klatt on the ‘dishonest, inaccurate and completely unreliable’ College Football Playoff committee

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Joel Klatt talks College Football Playoffs.

- I will say this about those three teams that were vying for that last spot-- and we realize it was really two teams that the committee was debating, Ohio State and Alabama. There was not a good choice. OK? So you're arguing between average resumes. So for those of you that want to argue to expand the playoff-- you're wrong, and we'll get to that in a little bit.

But it's because we're arguing between average resumes at this point. OK? Both of these teams had major flaws you had a 31 point loss to an average Iowa team for Ohio State. You had little to no good wins for Alabama. OK? So everything was weak about these two teams. You're debating this.

That's why you've got to look at the committee rather than the teams, OK? So rather than debate the resumes, I want to just outline some of the inconsistencies that we've seen from this committee in four years.

I want to go back to if you're going to have a subjective crowning of a champion, which this is, then why are we keeping score in the first place? What sport that you keep score do you then subjectively crown a champion?

Do we keep score in figure skating? No, because the judges keep the score for us. Do we keep score in gymnastics ? No, because the judges keep the score for us. So why are we-- why do we even have scoreboards? Let's just all play, turn the scoreboard's off, and then send the film in to be evaluated, because that's what happened with this committee.

They told us that nothing else matters, what they've told us in the past. They are dishonest, inaccurate, and completely unreliable, this committee is. And you can break those all the way down. Kirby Hocutt lied to us the entire year. Last week, he told us Ohio State and Alabama, there was very little-- razor thin margin between the two, and now all of a sudden it's unequivocally that without playing a game Alabama's better than Ohio State, after Ohio State beat Wisconsin.

It's crazy the inconsistencies that we're seeing from this committee. Which is why I'm of the belief that the long term health of the playoff is at risk, because right now there's zero trustworthiness within the committee and the playoff structure completely.