Nick explains how the Steelers have surpassed the Patriots to be the best team in the AFC

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright explains why the the Pittsburgh Steelers are the AFC's best instead of Tom Brady's New England Patriots.

- The Steelers have a better roster. The Steelers have more dynamic playmakers. The Steelers absolutely have a more consistent defense. The Steelers have more dynamic weapons.


- The Steelers are the better football team. The Steelers are the team this year that has not concerned you against their best competition. The Steelers are a team that has the Week 15 game at home.

So while-- and I know this will shock America, but the Steelers, the woebegone Steelers, the up and down Steelers, the can't trust them Steelers, have the exact same record as the steady and unbelievable New England Patriots. Both these teams are really good. We thought the AFC was going to be a three team race, but then Kansas City nuked its own season somehow.

It's now a two team race. Sorry Blake Bortles in Jacksonville, you're not in it, nor is it Marcus Mariota and the Titans. It's between these two teams. And the Pittsburgh Steelers, by the statistical measure or by the eye test, to me, are the best team in the AFC.