Cris Carter on Jim Irsay’s incendiary comments on Andrew Luck: ‘Those types of insults will cause damage’

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In his reaction to Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and his inflammatory comments he made to Tony Dungy on QB Andrew Luck getting over his injury, Cris Carter reveals to Mark Schlereth, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why insults like these are not only so damaging to Andrew Luck as an NFL player but to the overall relationship between the Colts and Luck moving forward.

- If you say what is the one attribute that you have that separates you from other human beings, he'd say, man, I got it. I got it right in here and it transfers up to right here. I'm tough.

All right, I went through 16 NFL seasons. Look, I would debate a person till death how tough I am. I believe I'm tougher than the next man. That is one of the characteristics that we have as NFL players. I can do this longer than you're willing to do this. I'm willing to knock you back more plays than you're willing to knock me back.

So those types of insults, to me, I believe will cause damage to Andrew Luck in the relationship that he has with the Colts because there's no way that Andrew-- and Andrew's a great pro. He is a great person-- that the Colts are going to be able to misrepresent him the way he's putting his body on the line for this organization that their relationship could still be the same.

MARK SCHLERETH: You know what the nastiest word in football is? I mean, literally, the worst four letter word in football is soft.


NICK WRIGHT: I thought it was soft.

- It's soft. And--

- I thought it was soap.

- Look at--


--right no, no.

- I was off.

- You were off. You were close. It was an S word. But--

- I was a little off.

- --you call people soft-- Listen, the softest guy that plays in the NFL is 10 times tougher than the toughest guy walking down the street. That's just the way it is, man. You have got to have mental-- you've got to have some mental toughness. You've got to have physical toughness. You have that all those things.

And when you do that from an ownership standpoint, every guy in that locker room understands what Andrew Luck has done, how tough he has been, what he has fought through. Every one of those guys in that locker room look at Jim Irsay and just shake their head.