Cris Carter responds to Richard Sherman’s praise of Deshaun Watson: ‘It’s only going to get better’

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Cris Carter explains to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why Richard Sherman is exactly right in his high praise for Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson.

- He has kind of the pulse of the NFL. And he keeps his ear to it a lot closer than a lot of other players. A lot of players are in their own little world. They don't care. Them about themself. But Richard, he's always outspoken about league-wide issues.

So yes, I listen to great players, because it is not the norm in the NFL that when you have a press conference and people ask you a question, that you begin to shower praise upon the opposition. You know, Richard Sherman, he had two interceptions this game, didn't he? That's a good time to talk about himself.

But when you see a great player or a great coach and they go out of their way, it's time for us to take note. Because this is not the normal coach-speak, player-speak. He's giving accolades to a guy that he feels like it's important to let you know what we saw today. Like what we saw was magical.

And it wasn't Aaron Rodgers. It wasn't Tom Brady. But I faced those guys and these guys didn't necessarily do what he did. And Richard's also taken into account, man, this is a good defense we got. Yeah, we were playing at home. I mean, the offense, he said it. The offense bailed us out. He carved us up.

So for me, I got much respect for Richard Sherman. He's right on the pulse as far as the league. And yes, Deshaun, this is one the next great quarterbacks. As far as top five and all that, all that really don't matter to me, all right? This guy's going to be real special and we were able to witness him playing with only what, seven games experience? I mean, it's only going to get better.