Here’s why Nick Wright says Marcus Peters and the Kansas City Chiefs have the best defense in the NFL

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Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what makes the Kansas City Chiefs such a dynamic threat defensively and how they can remain one of the best teams in the NFL.

- Is that what happens at Kansas City? Are they now back in the discussion as one of the best teams in the NFL?

- Never left the discussion for me. They had a bad five days.


- One of those games was against a team that is just a terrible match up for them-- Pittsburgh.


- And it's a bummer for Kansas City that they are likely to make the Super Bowl, going to have to play Pittsburgh again at some point, but set that aside. They easily could have beaten Oakland.

CRIS CARTER: Five days later they faced a desperate Oakland team.

- Right. And they had them-- I mean, they-- twice they won the game, and the referees gave Oakland extra plays. Of course Kansas City is one of the best teams in football. Kansas City this season has beaten New England; they have beaten Houston; they have beaten Philadelphia. They, they just thoroughly dom-- they dominated the Broncos enough yesterday that they felt comfortable calling a ludicrous trick play in the first quarter. Because they were like, "We're up 14-0, we know these guys can't score." Like this game-- we have won this game midway through the first quarter.

So yeah. CC, the Chiefs have the best offense in football. The defense gives up a lot of yards, but with Marcus Peters, with Justin Houston, with guys that can make big turnover plays, they can make up for that. As you saw yesterday with a pick six. As you saw yesterday with-- I mean, the Peters interception, it was just, it was a perfect pass to Marcus Peters.

- To him.

- So, they don't turn the ball over.

- Right.

- They-- going into last night's game, they hadn't turned the ball over one time since the first play of their season. Absolutely, the Chiefs are one of, if not the best team in football.