Nick Wright reveals what the Jimmy Garoppolo trade signifies for the Tom Brady – Bill Belichick era

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Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what the Patriots' Jimmy Garoppolo trade to the San Francisco 49ers truly signifies for the twilight years of the Tom Brady - Bill Belichick era in New England.

- Like Jimmy Garoppolo played well in the game and 3/4 that he played for New England last year. But that's all we've seen from him. And so I was surprised. I was very surprised. Because the NFL's trade deadline is usually a snooze. Like, it is not major league baseball. It is not the NBA. The one thing other sports clearly do-- better might be the wrong word-- but more in a more exciting fashion is their trade deadlines.

This year, we've had a lot of big time moves. You mentioned Jacksonville. They are going for it this year. They traded for Marcell Dareus, a former top 10 pick from Buffalo.

- Yes.

- I know we're going to talk about it later. But, the Texans and Seahawks. And for playing that epic game, they had a huge trade involving Texans left tackle Duane Brown. But this was the wow trade. Because CC, while the Patriots tried to get-- as you're telling me, and I didn't-- this-- I didn't know this-- that they had worked on a long term extension with Garoppolo-- that's a bit of news right there. Even though they couldn't get that done, they still held his rights in that they could have franchise tagged him. Now that would have been very difficult cap wise, because then you'd be paying your backup quarterback basically more


Right, more than the starter, and third or fourth highest paid quarterback in the league. It's the average top five quarterback. So they could have kept him. They also could have waited til they franchised-- could have franchised him in order to then trade him.

But, what this also signified to me, CC, was that-- and Dustin brought this up in our pre-show meeting. I think it's a really interesting point. It does no-- it no longer seems like Bill Belichick is planning to coach when Tom Brady is gone. There is no plan post Tom Brady. They have four picks in the first three rounds of the upcoming draft. They spent all this money in free agency this off season, money that they were going to be potentially spending on Jimmy Garoppolo who is now freed up for this coming off season to make another push. They have guys coming back off IR and defensive players. Shane McClelland, Derek Rivers. Like, the plan might be, let's just go for it all this year, next year, and the year after as long as Brady's still there.