Connors’ time with Maria was stressful

Jimmy Connors is out as Maria Sharapova’s coach. If you blinked, you missed it.

The partnership that started just over a month ago is over after only one actual match. Sharapova, who had been nursing injuries, played her first match since Wimbledon on Tuesday, losing to Sloane Stephens at the Western & Southern Open.

Friday, Sharapova parted ways with Connors, telling, "It’s not the right fit for this time in my career."

If Jimmy Connors’ facial expressions from that one match are any indication, she’s certainly right. Because we’re always here to provide public service, here’s just about every photo we could find, preserved here for your enjoyment.

Here he is quite relaxed, though we can’t say the same for the dude to his right:

A twinge of concern starts to enter the fray:

Hand to the chin. HAND TO THE CHIN:

Now hand to mouth. Are you not seeing this, Maria?

Full-on agitation:

And finally, the absolute stare of death:



Even way back at one of their first practices together, you can feel the tension dripping from the words and picture:

That’s it! So long, Connors-Sharapova era. It’s been real.

(Photos: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)