Report: Brawling Open fan arrested

Now it’s a double fault! The degenerate gambler who tangled with an elderly stroke victim and his daughter during a wild U.S. Open brawl has been arrested for raising another racket, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

A belligerent Joseph Pedevill, 27, was hauled away from his Manhattan apartment building in handcuffs after allegedly threatening to kill neighbor Peter Scheider, 46, who called him "an insane nut" during an interview with the Post about the tennis-match fight.

Their long-running feud — which dates to May 2009, when Scheider took out a restraining order alleging Pedevill vandalized his car — escalated after the Sept. 2 fireworks at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

A fired-up Pedevill, who had money riding on the otherwise low-profile early-round match, became an instant YouTube villain after he was videotaped tossing a 75-year-old tennis fan down two rows of seats after jawing with the old man’s daughter.

Days after Scheider gave an interview to the Post, Pedevill accosted him outside their building and screamed, "You (bleep)ing (bleep)!" according to a criminal complaint. "You are going to get it. You are going to see what is going to happen to you. I am going to kill you."

The alleged threat violated the terms of the restraining order. Pedevill was arrested yesterday morning and released without bail.

He denied making any threats, but said living in the same building as Scheider was difficult.

"It’s not just me," Pedevill said. "Other people in the building have problems with him."

Scheider could not be reached for comment.

It was Pedevill’s penchant for the f-word that led to the stadium skirmish and internet infamy.

"I don’t give a (bleep) what anyone wants!" Pedevill hissed when he was confronted by Lawrence Burnett’s daughter, Tracey Falco, 49, who objected to his vulgar language. "I got a lot of money on the game! Sit the (bleep) down."

Falco slapped Pedevill and Burnett eventually smacked a beer out of Pedevill’s hand and grabbed his head before falling backwards down the stands.

All three have been banned from the Open for two years.