TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for September 1; Mike Bennett vs. Lashley

BY foxsports • September 2, 2016

TNA Impact had multiple main event caliber matches setting it up to be one entertaining show.

Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling show was headlined by a World Heavyweight Championship match set up the week prior.  The show started with the Hardys and the Decay’s sega continuing in Cameron.  It would develop into the Decay getting behind enemy lines and playing the most influential mind games of all with Broken Matt Hardy.

The Miracle Mike Bennett would build up his quest to become TNA World Champion with Moose being a wildcard in the match.  Last week, Moose was invited to talk with Lashley about his alliance with Bennett and it was a question throughout the night how Moose would impact the main event.

Also, the Ultimate X gauntlet match was set up from last week to crown a new X-Division Champion after Lashley tried to unify all of his championships.  All the stars of the X-Division did battle in a high flying affair where the championship was literally stolen.

Drew Galloway made his way to the Impact Zone to explain his actions against Aron Rex.  After a threatened suspension, Corgan allowed Galloway to remain in the ring as Rex sought retribution but would he get it this week after the vicious attack?

Finally, before the main event, Ethan Carter III did battle with Eli Drake in a charisma filled fight of momentum.  EC3 looked to keep himself rolling after defeating Drew Galloway the week before and Eli Drake looked to etch his name in the World Title picture by knocking off the number one contender.  After a once again solid TNA Impact Wrestling show, could this week continue to build on the standard set from before?

Show Opener

The show begins with Reby Hardy, Matt Hardy, Maxell, and Senor Benjamin sing Jeff Hardy’s obsolete theme song.  The music of Maxell creates an epiphany for Matt Hardy.  Matt and Jeff Hardy set out to travel to the Impact Zone to bring the Decay back to Cameron, North Carolina.

Mike Bennett Promo

Mike Bennett makes his way to the ring to talk about his journey to the World Heavyweight Championship.  He brings up his main goal of saving TNA Wrestling and tonight is time to win the Championship.  Bennett talks about surrounding himself with successful people mentioning Maria and Moose.  Realizing that Lashley was trying to drive a rift into the relation between Moose and him, He calls Moose out.

Lashley comes out looking like the confident as normal.  He lists off the superstars that he has been on his reign of dominance and questions the confidence of Mike Bennett.  The TNA World Champion states he can even win in a no disqualification match tonight.  The added stipulation continues to play on the confidence of the champion.  He puts it in Bennett’s head that Moose doesn’t trust him.  Lashley tries to put Bennett in the best situation to win and states that there is no one that can stop him.

Moose’s music hits and mysteriously walks to the ring.  He clears up the dinner plans that Lashley had invited him to last week, stating that he didn’t have dinner with the champ.  Moose ends the promo by saying that he decides who wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Matt Hardy vs Crazy Steve

Result: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall

It was interesting to see that Crazy Steve was alone coming into this match.  Matt Hardy and Crazy Steve start out by trying to be crazier than the other with an interesting staredown.  The match continued its creepy vibe when both men used biting to reverse each other’s moves.  Hardy takes control on the outside by using his environment to his advantage as the fans chant delete.  The number’s game is the end of Crazy Steve as Brother Nero hits Steve repeatedly with his boot.  Matt Hardy would be victorious with the Twist of Fate.

Crazy Steve grabs a microphone claims that Hardy may be brilliant but he can’t see what is directly in front of him.  He tells that there’s a reason that he was alone because Decay is everywhere.  As he includes the Hardy estate, Steve finishes by saying that Maxell is now Rosemary’s baby.  This would send Hardy into a frenzy as he flees to save his family.

This was an interesting psychological match with both men playing mind games.  It kept the fans interested in how the story line would continue to develop throughout the night.

Hardys Backstage

Matt Hardy is backstage with Brother Nero and trying to get in touch with Reby but there is no response.  He demands that Vanguard One scan Maxell’s room and Rosemary appears in the background.

Ultimate X Match for the X-Division ChampionshipTrevor Lee vs DJ Z vs Andrew Everett vs Braxton Sutter vs Mandrews vs Rockstar Spud

Result:  DJ Z grabs the title from the Helms Dynasty

As Lee and Zema start the match, it is announced that the competitors can go after championship before all men are in the ring.  Both Lee and Zema try to grab the championship but the match was very active early on.  The match started back and forth in style as Andrew Everett comes in to give the Helms Dynasty the advantage.  The Helms Dynasty use their tandem offense to allow themselves to take their chances at the championship.  As the Helms Dynasty try to win it together, Mandrews comes in and takes out them both.  He hits a moonsault on both men and Mandrews had a great opportunity to take advantage.

Rockstar Spud comes in when everyone is taken out and he goes right after the championship.  He his met by Braxton Sutter and thrown off the cables.  This feud continues in this match and has the fans craving for more one on one encounters.  Similar to last week, Mandrews takes out everyone as DJ Z tries to do the same but he is stopped.  After an Andrew Everett moonsault, Zema gets another shot to take out the competition.  Everyone gets taken out but Sutter and he goes for his chance at the championship but gets beaten down by a steel chair of Spud.  The Helms Dynasty pulls down the championship but DJ Z comes in and grabs it to gain the victory.

This match was definitely fast-paced and enjoyable with many high spots throughout it.  It showed very fluid, high flying sequences.  The match also begs the questions of who will be the next contender and will Sutter and Spud continue to feud.

Drew Galloway Explains His Actions

Galloway comes to the ring in his usual straight forward approach to talk to the Impact Zone.  Why Drew Why chants reign throughout the arena as Drew begins.  He reflects on winning the championship and celebrating with the fans and also brings up the fans cheering for his shortcomings.  He places the blame on the fans for not supporting his journey in TNA over recent months.

Galloway claims that Rex is trying to live in the same light as Galloway and is trying to capitalize on his momentum.  Billy Corgan comes out to right the wrong of Galloway last week.  He says that he’s been discussing it with someone and Aron Rex comes out, revealing that it was him.  Rex attacks Galloway and uses the steps to equalize the situation.  Security comes in to break it up but the fight continues for several minutes after many break ups as the scene ends with let them fight chants.

The commentators question Moose’s motives going into the main event tonight as the World Championship match continues to build.

Matt Hardy gets in touch with Reby Sky who is surprised that there is an intruder as Vanguard One shows that Rosemary is in the house.

EC3 vs. Eli Drake

Result: EC3 wins by pinfall.

This was a battle of power by both men as the two charismatic showmen went at it.  It was a physical encounter that trickled to the outside.  Both men used their environment to gain control.  EC3 seemed to have the majority of the match in hand.  As Eli Drake tried to fight back into the match, EC3 would put him away.  Carter hits the One Percenter for the win, giving him more momentum as Bound for Glory approaches.

The match focused on two of TNA’s top young talents as it allowed Eli Drake to put his name in the hat with Ethan Carter III.  Drake can certainly go in the ring and seeing him against EC3 assures his future as a top contender in TNA.

Reby Sky has found Maxell and went to a remote location in the house for protection.  She grabs a sword and prepares for battle.

The cameraman catches up with the new X-Division Champion, DJ Z and he is ecstatic about winning the title.  He talks about the four-year journey and how it will be difficult to keep it in his possession.

Allie Celebration

Allie is still excited about her title and heads the ring for her celebration.  She thanks the fans for their overwhelming support and wants to think the one person who has supported her.  Sienna storms to the ring as Maria follows to help with the distrust.  She gives Sienna the night off and Maria explains that the celebration is for Allie’s opponent.

Maria demands that Allie lay down and give her the Knockout’s Championship.  She pins Allie to become the new Knockout’s Champion.  After belittling Allie, Maria celebrates win takes her championship with her.

Mike Bennett tries to reassure Moose that the main event is for both of them.  He hands a pipe to Moose and tells him that he knows he’ll make the right decision.

Mike Bennett vs Lashley for the TNA World Championship

Result: Lashley wins via pinfall.

Bennett tries to capitalize off Maria’s distraction but Lashley sees it coming.  Early in this match, Lashley gains the early edge against Bennett.  Moose comes out with the pipe and the reinforcements turn the tide.

Lashley tries regain control but Maria gets involved with her brace and the championship.  This is one of the first glimpses of Lashley being taken out.  The number’s game kicked in and made Lashley seem like an underdog for a period of this match.  The World Champion continued his dominating nature but the influence of Maria allowed Bennett to hit some signature moves.  Bennett calls for the pipe but Moose pulls it away and Lashley follows up with a spear to retain the World Championship.

Bennett grabs the microphone and calls Moose into the ring as he struggles to get to his feet.  The Miracle claims that he is the authority in the partnership.  After a slap from Bennett, Moose takes him out.

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