Mark Hunt believes Brock Lesnar is 'juiced to the gills'

BY foxsports • June 9, 2016

The UFC and USADA announced that they had extended an exemption to former UFC champion Brock Lesnar on the requirement that fighters coming out of retirement must give the agency a four-month notice before they intend on competing again.

According to USADA's rules, an exemption may be given by the UFC "in exceptional circumstances or where the strict application of that rule would be manifestly unfair to an athlete."

But one person totally not cool with that is Lesnar's upcoming opponent, Mark Hunt, who says allowing Lesnar to compete without following the mandatory testing guidelines is actually unfair to him.

Lesnar will still be tested in the lead up to UFC 200, but only for one month instead of the now-waived four-month minimum required by USADA.

But Hunt, never one to lack confidence, says that regardless of what Lesnar could be on, that won't prevent him from getting KO'd when they meet in July.

Hunt's last opponent, Frank Mir, was popped for PEDs following their fight in March. But the banned substances didn't help Mir against Hunt one bit, as "The Super Samoan" flattened the former champion in just three minutes.

Hunt says he foresees a similar outcome at UFC 200.

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