Watch pitch invader senselessly tackle Man City signing Gabriel Jesus

BY Alex Dowd • December 15, 2016

Manchester City's young signing Gabriel Jesus found himself the victim of a not-so-pleasant surprise during a charity match in Brazil. A pitch invader snuck up on the teenager and, for some bewildering reason, put in a tackle on the €32 million signing. Seriously. During a charity match.

Jesus, who announced in August that he would sign with City this winter, reportedly required treatment. He avoided serious injury, however. That's a relief, but it certainly wasn't a foregone conclusion. This wasn't a fan running onto the pitch to take a selfie or ask for a hug. No, this fan went way over the line and could have injured Jesus with a ridiculous two-footed tackle.

Also, it was a match between Amigos do Jackson and Amigos do Valdiva, so any overzealous fandom can't really factor in. It makes absolutely no sense!

Jesus is set to join up with Pep Guardiola's side in the new year after taking a break from his season in Brazil. Luckily, it looks like he'll be able to join up uninjured, despite the foolish fan.


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