This kid made an amazing run past security to meet his Spain soccer hero

BY Alex Dowd • March 22, 2017

With an epic run to evade security, one youngster fulfilled a difficult quest at Spain national team training this week. The boy mounted a lung-busting sprint onto the pitch in Madrid with one goal in mind: hug Alvaro Morata.

There were obstacles in his way, but as the video below proves it was a mission accomplished.

It started with him asking for mercy, lulling the steward into a false sense of security. Clad in a red Spain Morata kit, once he got close enough to burn past the first line of defense, he did just that. He put a few more security guards in the mixer before reaching his ultimate goal, a hug from the Real Madrid forward.

According to the Mirror, the boy is just 12-years old. We haven't seen him with the ball at his feet, but those impressive bursts of speed and ability to avoid defenders could have some teams lining up to give him a look. No word yet on what punishment the kid faces, but he certainly seemed willing to take whatever consequences were headed his way.

Just as long as he got to hug his hero.