Germany's Toni Kroos rings in the New Year by roasting Brazil

BY Alex Dowd • December 31, 2016

If you thought the Roast Window™ to rip Brazil after their humiliating 2014 World Cup loss to Germany had closed, think again. Yes, it's been two-and-a-half years since Germany spanked Brazil to the tune of 1-7 on Brazil's home turf, but the trolling rolls on.

Germany midfielder Toni Kroos, who was named the Man of the Match in that slaughter, used the New Year's holiday to take one more swipe at Brazil.

Get it? It's 2-0-1-7. Clever! A bit gratuitous, considering it's been so long and they won the match for crying out loud, but clever. Kroos is allowed to have his fun, but the Real Madrid man might want to take it easy: What would his club teammate Marcelo or his midfield partner Casemiro have to say about it?

Marcelo's New Year message preached "respect to others, always!"

It's probably entirely unrelated, but nevertheless. The 7-1 drubbing won't soon be forgotten ... but we've probably reached max capacity for memes. Or maybe not. Happy New Year!

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