Ball boy expertly trolls Tim Cahill after hatching a plan with friends

BY Caitlin Murray • December 31, 2016

Everyone in the world knows what Tim Cahill’s goal celebration is by now: He runs to the corner flag and pretends to box with it.

So one ball boy, knowing that he was in the perfect position to troll Cahill, hatched a plan to disrupt the well-known celebration if Cahill scored Saturday. Take a look:

Cahill knew better than to chase the flag around and gave up, boxing with the air over the corner markings. It’s still less awkward than his goal celebration a couple weeks ago where he ran confusingly ran around and somehow injured himself.

The ball kid, Luke, later told FOX Sports Australia that he and the other ball boys conspired to yank the flag if Cahill scored, a plan he and his friend thought up.

“We all had a plan, one of my mates and me had a plan, that if he scored, and he ran over to the corner, and we’d lift it out of the corner,” he said.

It wasn’t a sign a disrespect, though — the ball boy said he is a big Cahill fan and Cahill didn’t seem bothered by it either. After the match, Cahill got a photo with the ball boy and shook his hand.

It was good fun — exactly the way trolling should be done.


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