UFC prez Dana White hates to read, refuses to give up flip phone

BY foxsports • January 27, 2014

Dana White might not be the UFC president if not for the technological advancement of video downloading.

White said Monday at a media luncheon in Los Angeles that he can’t stand reading. Can you imagine him on one of those transatlantic flights without being able to watch some movie he downloaded from Amazon Prime?

“I literally don’t read,” White said. “If you send me an e-mail longer than two sentences, I won’t read that either. People text me, you can’t use too many letters, too many words. It’s fast, it’s easy, I get the point. I’ll get back to you, let you know what’s up.”

"I love the flip phone. I baby this thing like it's a kid. If i drop it, I act like I just dropped my baby." - Dana White

No wonder he can’t stand the MMA media. All those paragraphs are cumbersome.

His scorn for words is one of the reasons White has foregone the smartphone trend. His cellular device is still of the flip variety. It isn’t that he’s old school. He’s just not into all those bells and whistles. And words and letters.

The only problem for White is that companies don’t actually make flip phones anymore – even for powerful, millionaire MMA executives. So he’s riding this one until it dies.

“I love the flip phone,” White said. “I baby this thing like it’s a kid. If I drop it, I act like I just dropped my baby.”

It’s not like an iPhone wouldn’t autocorrect all of his f-bombs anyway.

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