StaTuesday: When the Bucks win, they tend to win big

February 12, 2019

The Milwaukee Bucks won their 42nd game Monday night, topping the Chicago Bulls, 112-99.

This means that the Bucks have already clinched a winning record this season, which they have also had the past two years. It's the first time Milwaukee has had three straight seasons with a winning record since 1998-2000. The .750 winning percentage would stand as the third-best in franchise history behind only the 1970-71 (.805) and 1971-72 (.768) teams.

Both of those great Bucks teams from the past won a lot of games by a wide margin. The 1971-72 team had 42 victories by 10 or more points, or 66.7 percent of its 42 wins. The previous season, the Bucks team which won the NBA title won 46 games by 10+ points, or 69.7 percent of their season wins.

Milwaukee's win at Chicago on Monday was the 32nd time this year's team has had a margin of victory in double digits, or 76.2 percent of its 42 wins.

Only once in their last 13 victories has an opponent finished within single digits of the Bucks -- and that was a nine-point win vs. Charlotte (108-99) on Jan. 25. In Milwaukee's recent six-game winning streak from Jan 29-Feb. 8, all were by double digits -- and five of those victories were on the road.

Milwaukee's 32 victories by 10+ points are eight more than anyone else in the NBA. Only three other teams have 20+ such wins.


Bucks 32
Warriors 24
Raptors 23
Jazz 21
Thunder 19
Pacers 19
Spurs 18
Celtics 18

It should then come as no surprise that the Bucks lead the league in points per game differential. Two other Eastern Conference teams -- Boston and Toronto -- rank in the top four. The Bucks have split their two games with the Celtics this season, both on the road, with the third and final matchup coming next Thursday at Fiserv Forum. Milwaukee finished its season series with the Raptors, taking three of four.


Bucks 9.8
Warriors 7.6
Celtics 6.4
Raptors 5.6
Thunder 5.5
Pacers 5.5
Nuggets 4.9
76ers 3.6
Jazz 3.4
Blazers 2.7

Once Milwaukee gets a big lead on a team, the game is pretty much over.

The Bucks are just one of five teams this season to have not lost a game after winning by 20 or more points. Only twice has Milwaukee lost a game in which it led by double figures, which is tied for the second-best mark in the NBA.


TEAM 10+ PTS 15+ PTS 20+ PTS
Pacers 1 1 0
Wizards 2 0 0
Bucks 2 1 0
Warriors 3 1 0
Nuggets 3 1 0

The Bucks have 26 games remaining in the regular season. The combined winning percentage of their remaining opponents is .479, which is seventh-worst among NBA teams (the bad news is Philadelphia (.475) is sixth and Toronto (.446) first).

In other words, be prepared for a lot more double-digit victories.



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