Saints fans name baby after Drew Brees

Saints fans name baby after Drew Brees

Published Jan. 29, 2014 10:23 p.m. ET

There are diehard fans and then there are diehard fans.

One pair of Saints fans decided to pay tribute to Drew Brees by naming their newborn baby after the QB and not just the first name (which isn'€™t that crazy). Drew Brees Hasette was born on Jan. 15 in Bay City, Texas. Oh yeah, that also happens to be the original Brees'€™ birthday as well.

Joel, the baby daddy, tweeted a photo a day after Baby Drew Brees was born. (Notice the asking of an autograph)

And followed up recently as NFL professional Drew Brees makes the rounds on talk shows in New York during Super Bowl week trying to get anybody's attention.


Yep. Totally worth it.