Royals, Fetty Wap and how '1738' is taking over the KC clubhouse

BY Jase Bandelow • July 29, 2015

The Kansas City Royals and Fetty Wap. Welcome to the summer of 2015.

The first-place Royals are keeping things light in the clubhouse these days, and why not with the way they have been playing. And if you were to need any proof, just hold a mic in front of any player and they will demonstrate just how much fun they are having.

For example, Lorenzo Cain's walk-up song is "Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap, a rapper who runs with the "Remmy Boyz" crew, which is named after Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal -- a popular cognac for those who don't partake. If you've never heard the song, enjoy a clean version below:

Recently, several players have decided to integrate the number "1738" into every interview they do -- and are on the lookout for those who don't, because that will result in a fine. 

On a scale of 17 to 38, the level of fun the Kansas City Royals are having is a hard 38. 

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