Romo Update: Playing With Back Problem Risks Further Injury

BY foxsports • November 1, 2014

IRVING -- Tony Romo's desire to play this week for the Cowboys despite the reported two fractured transverse process in his back comes not only with the possibility that he'll lack "extension, rotation and flexion,'' according to a source close to the situation, but also exposure to spinal-cord injury.

As 105.3 The Fan reported this week, Romo's injury is more extensive than the "back contusion'' as billed by the Cowboys after the hit he took Monday in a loss to the Redskins. There can be damage to other bones and organs, too - thus our note that the quarterback is "quite probably'' seeing blood in his urine and feeling pain all around his torso that will require a "double-flak jacket'' and possibly a pain-killing shot before Sunday's visit from the Cardinals, should he opt to play.

Sources put Romo's status at 50/50 and say it will be a Sunday morning decision. But the two fractured transverse process - first confirmed by ESPN — can mean a lack of functionality. The transverse process is where major muscles connect; injury there can limit movements required of an athlete. Playing also comes with the risk of getting hit in such a way as to potentially break bones in Romo's back, and to exposure to his spinal cord.

"The positive is it's completely unrelated to the disk or anything that could be long term, per se,'' said Romo earlier this week of the existing injury ... but that doesn't necessarily hold true about potential future injury.


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