Report: Auburn Message Boards Have Located Alabama Teabagger

Report: Auburn Message Boards Have Located Alabama Teabagger

Published Jan. 19, 2012 12:00 a.m. ET

According to multiple OKTC tips, an Auburn Rivals message board has located the Alabama teabagger. His name is Brian Downing and per multiple OKTC tips "he lives in Lee County and manages a Hibbett Sporting Goods in Columbus, GA. He graduated from Central High School in Phenix City in 1997."

OKTC has spoken with the New Orleans police department multiple times and just moments ago the police department confirmed they have this individual's name, location, and employment history and are pursuing the investigation. 

Brian Downing is listed on as the manager of the Hibbett's Sporting Goods in Tuscaloosa.

Reached for comment by OKTC, Hibbett Sporting Goods spokesperson Scott Myers said, "He (Brian Downing) no longer works for Hibbett Sporting Goods."


Asked if that was because of the video, Myers said, "No comment." (I would hope that if you didn't fire someone for teabagging another person in a viral video online you wouldn't just say no comment).

Provided with a phone number for Downing, I called the number and his mother answered the phone at his house. She hadn't heard any of the teabag story yet, but was interested in why her son's phone was ringing off the hook. She seemed like a very nice woman. As awkward phone conversations go, this ranks right up there with calling a girl for the first time in 7th grade. I'm not going to quote her because she seemed so stunned by the reason I was calling, but she promised to call me back.

Honestly, you try and tell your own mom what teabagging is.

Prior to this firing by Hibbett, Downing worked at the Hibbett Sporting Goods in Columbus, Georgia. 

When I called the Hibbett's store there, an employee hung up as soon as I mentioned Brian's name.  When I called back, she hung up again. 

This morning Deadspin also reported that it contacted this same Hibbett Sporting Goods store and met with a similar response. It's also worth noting that Deadspin reports that the teabagger attended Alabama. 

In the meantime, does it surprise anyone that Auburn's message board would break the case wide open?

Not in the least. Welcome to the newest chapter in the Iron Bowl rivalry.

OKTC initially posted the teabagging video on Sunday morning and since then the story has exploded across the South.

Downing's firing by his employer represents the latest chapter in a story that seems to be nearing an end. It seems likely Downing will be charged with a crime before the week is complete and given the fact that he reportedly graduated from high school in 1997, he's 32 years old.

This is really going to put a hitch in his inevitable drunken college prank gone awry defense.

(Bama fans insert "your gay" joke here).