MVP has no special plans for Rodgers Day

December 11, 2012

Last fall, Green Bay Packers fan Jennifer Brilowski of Stevens Point, Wis., started a push on her Facebook page to turn Dec. 12, 2012, into Aaron Rodgers Day. More than a year later, she'll get the chance Wednesday to celebrate what has turned into an officially recognized event by the state of Wisconsin with Packers fans everywhere — and by Rodgers himself.

Only Rodgers doesn't expect much fanfare in addition to what he's already been given.

"I got a sweet plaque signed by the governor that has four or five whereases in it," the NFL MVP said Tuesday during his weekly radio show on ESPN 540 in Milwaukee. " ‘He is the quarterback of the Packers, whereas …' I love that. I was given some distinction in California after the Super Bowl, like an Aaron Rodgers Day, and went to the capital in Sacramento, and there were about 10 whereases. So I was really disappointed there were only five whereases on the Wisconsin one.

"But, no, it was a really nice plaque, and I'm real honored by it. I was kind of hoping (Packers coach) Mike McCarthy would give me or us the day off or maybe a vet select day, but that will be unlikely, I'm guessing."  

Making 12-12-12 special to honor No. 12 didn't take long to catch on — Brilowski's list of Facebook followers grew to five digits — and state politicians and media quickly got on board. A resolution to make the day official passed the state assembly in February and the state senate in March.

In May, Brilowski got to meet Rodgers when the resolution was made official, and now the entire state will play along. Some businesses are encouraging employees to make $12 donations to the MACC (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) Fund, an organization that fights childhood cancer and involves Rodgers heavily. Others are letting employees wear Rodgers jerseys to work.

Rodgers, however, isn't encouraging his youngest fans to get too crazy. When asked on ESPN 540 if kids could skip classes on Aaron Rodgers Day, the MVP had a simple answer.

"Of course not," he said. "Be cool; stay in school."