Houston coach pranks team with new uniforms

Published Oct. 29, 2013 10:20 a.m. ET

Houston coach Tony Levine pulled pranks on the media in each of the last two seasons, first stating that star running back Charles Sims was moving to cornerback.

That news came on April 1, 2012, before he'd even coached a game. It was well-played and preyed on the silly suspicions he didn't know what he was doing. This year, he announced that the linked "U-H" logo would be adding an "O" to represent the "of" in University of Houston.

Levine couldn't wait for April Fool's Day to cash in his next prank. Houston, which is 6-1 and tied for the American Athletic Conference lead, hosts South Florida on Halloween this Thursday. Levine debuted a new uniform for his team, which looked reminiscent of a practice jersey for an underfunded high school program.

It didn't take long before he revealed the real uniforms Houston will debut on Thursday night. Video of the prank is well worth the watch.