Former NFL WR Berrian discovers house burglar was his own friend, former teammate

BY Brett Smiley • July 24, 2015

Bernard Berrian had a nice career in the NFL, but this has to be the most stunning catch of his life.

After two home break-ins in April, the former Vikings and Bears wide receiver installed security cameras. The decision led to his shocking discovery three weeks later that the intruder was his own friend and former Fresno State teammate Therrian Fontenot.

The cameras enabled Berrian to finally catch the burglar when Fontenot left an April 28 barbecue that both men were attending to go to Berrian's home in Fresno, Calif.

"It was crazy because we were all sitting around and he actually left from where we were at to go do it," Berrian told ABC affiliate KFSN-TV. "Boom, motion sensor went off, I get an email, so I click on the live cam."

"I actually watched him doing it while he was doing it," Berrian explained. "I could have actually spoke to him. I got a microphone on there. I could have told him, 'I got you,' while he was doing it."

In total, Fontenot stole about $30,000 cash from Berrian and is serving a six-month jail sentence for the burglary, caught on tape.  

Now, Berrian is seeing some humor in the bizarre situation.

Berrian wrote on Instagram: "The anger stage has come n gone, long long time ago. & now we're in the comedic stage, & THIS S*** IS FUNNY!! For some money. Dumb a**!!"

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