Dockett uses Twitter to hit on QB's girlfriend

Dockett uses Twitter to hit on QB's girlfriend

Published Jan. 8, 2013 11:42 a.m. ET

After a largely tame early portion of the season, Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett returned to his more vocal and sometimes outrageous self as Arizona’s season spiraled out of control.

First, there was the incident against the Jets where he refused to obey a direct order from the coaches to let New York score late in the game so that the Cardinals would have a chance -- albeit a long shot -- to get the ball back, tie the game, then force overtime.

Dockett compounded that error with some sort of dust-up with free safety Kerry Rhodes that some accounts say involved spitting in Rhodes’ face, even though Rhodes denied it. Dockett earned a hefty fine (reported at $200,000) for his transgressions, and that led to a rift with now-fired coach ken Whisenhunt.

On Monday, during the BCS national championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama, Dockett (@ddockett) sent out a series of embarrassing tweets while trying to hit on Katherine Webb, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's model girlfriend.

Here's what he tweeted during the game:

@_KatherineWebb aye u going to king of diamonds Monday after game?

Aye @_KatherineWebb hit me (240) 464-xxxx when game over, lets go to wing stop then King of diamond,

Never mind that Dockett thought Miss Alabama might be willing to join him for some wings and a good time at a gentlemen's club. He also shared his phone number with the world, which led to a full voicemail box within minutes.

After realizing he had made a mistake, Dockett deleted the tweets saying: "Sh*t that was suppose to be DM!".

After this exchange, it’s easy to see why some teams would like to curtail free speech and ban the use of Twitter altogether.

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