Bama Signee Dee Liner Poses With Wad of Cash

BY foxsports • July 29, 2013

Dee Liner, who has perhaps the greatest name in the history of the defensive lineman position, is a four star recruit in the Alabama Crimson Tide's top ranked 2013 class. After initially committing to Auburn, Liner, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, flipped to the Crimson Tide.

This, as you might imagine, embittered quite a few Auburn fans. 

So as soon as Liner took to instagram to post pictures of himself holding a stack of cash and saying that he never needed to worry about money anymore, well, it set off alarm bells. And immediately blew up my Twitter account and our email inbox.  

Liner is on the far left, in the black shirt.

The other two guys either have their own wads of cash or they're all posing with the same wad of cash. You money detectives can scrutinize the cash.

Who knows how Liner ended up with this cash.  

Maybe he's been working all summer for this amount of cash -- it's not like he's got ten thousand dollars there.  

Maybe he's got a rich relative. After all, the one thing the NCAA can't discipline is rich parents. If your parents are rich there's no such thing as an improper benefit. Ask Johnny Manziel.  

So none of us have any knowledge of Dee Liner's financial status. 

But if you're a four star recruit who has just picked Alabama after a pitched recruiting battle with Auburn, it's probably not the best idea to post a picture of yourself holding a wad of cash and saying you don't have money problems anymore.

Liner's since deleted his Instagram post. But nothing ever dies on the Internet.  

I've never posed with cash, but if I did, I hope I'd look happier than Dee Liner, who looks like he's trying to buy back his puppy from a dogpound. 

It's fun to think about how Nick Saban reacted to this picture. I'm quite certain it involved several dead athletic department employees, all choked to death Darth Vader-style. 

And this may shock you, but Auburn fans believe that Alabama pays players while Auburn never pays anyone. And this may also shock you, but Alabama fans believe that Auburn pays its players while Alabama never pays anyone.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country believes that both Alabama and Auburn pay their players.

The truth?

Who knows.

But if you're a four-star signee it's probably best not to post pictures of yourself posing with huge wads of cash.