Angels will miss facing Venditte again

BY foxsports • June 19, 2015

Pat Venditte's right shoulder is giving him trouble but his whole body is on the 15-day disabled list.

For the second time in a week, the Angels will miss out on facing the switch pitcher.

Venditte was placed on the disabled list last week just prior to the A's visiting Angel Stadium for a weekend series.

Last week, although they missed him, the team was prepared to face him as he was discussed in team meetings.

Prior to going on the DL, Venditte was turning into a must watch after being called up earlier this month. He's a pitcher unlike anything seen in the big leagues in the last two decades.

While the nation was becoming enamored with him, the Angels weren't in as much awe having faced him during spring training.

Venditte made 11 appearances earlier this year in the Cactus League.

"We saw it in the spring and at first you're kind of skeptical like 'What is this about?' But I'll tell you one thing, he looked fine in the spring against us," Scioscia said. "He looked functional. I don't think it's a gimmick. He can do it."

In four appearances with the A's this season, Venditte has allowed just one hit in 5.2 innings. He's struck out four and walked two.

Appearing in the big leagues ahead of him was a rule named after him -- The Pat Venditte Rule. In short it states that the pitcher has to declare if he's throwing lefty or righty and once he declares he must stay with that hand through the duration of the at-bat. It can be a huge strategic coup.

"If a guy can do it and be functional on both sides it's a huge strategic advantage but it would always be contingent on his length where he's not going to go through a lineup three times and have that kind of strategic advantage," Scioscia said. "It'd be only three outs. If he's functional and he can do it and he's getting outs, it could be very, very good."

The Angels and their fans, however, will have to wait until at least late August to see the switch pitcher against their team.

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