Josh McCown is done talking about his demotion

BY foxsports • November 19, 2015

Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown addressed the local media on Monday following his team’s 30-9 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it wasn’t until Tuesday when head coach Mike Pettine officially named Johnny Manziel as the starter going forward. In what was his first interview since the announcement, McCown appears to be a little less willing to discuss the change, preferring that any members of the media (whether they were in attendance or not) simply roll back the tape from earlier in the week.

“I pretty much covered it Monday,” said a flustered McCown. “It’s the same exact thing. The decision is made. I’ll serve the team as the backup quarterback and do everything I can to help Johnny do well and win the football game.”

The frustration exuding from McCown is understandable as veterans have been asked about Manziel for most of the last two years. In McCown’s situation, it hits a little closer to home as he’s being asked to discuss the teammate who just supplanted him as the starting quarterback.

McCown would not elaborate on the discussions he had with Pettine behind closed doors, stating that it was simply a chat between a player and his coach. The rest of the interview was accompanied by feverish gum chewing and a host of beard swipes. It would appear that the bye week is well-timed and that everyone – including McCown – could use the time away to recalibrate.

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