Is the lack of star quarterbacks hurting the NFL?

BY foxsports • October 6, 2016

When you look at the current division leaders in the NFL, it's far from a who's-who at quarterback. Carson Wentz, Sam Bradford, Matt Ryan, Case Keenum, Brock Osweiler and Trevor Siemian comprise that group, none of whom is a household name.

So should the NFL be concerned?

"We always thought the NFL was bulletproof and between (Donald) Trump and these quarterbacks, it's not," Colin Cowherd said on "Speak for Yourself" on Thursday. "We know the NBA post-Jordan until, like, Kobe and Shaq dipped. The PGA: Tiger, no Tiger. We always thought the NFL was past it, but I remember when (Troy) Aikman, (John) Elway, (Dan) Marino and Steve Young, in about a two-year period, left and were replaced by much less effective household names, and the NFL ratings at the time plateaued."

The NFL's ratings have dipped the first four weeks of the season, with some pointing to the ongoing presidential debates and plethora of ways to follow the games as possible reasons.

Jason Whitlock believes the controversies the NFL has had to deal with recently has hurt the league's efforts in marketing the current crop of players.

"The NFL has been so distracted by the controversy around Roger Goodell, Deflategate, domestic violence as it relates to Ray Rice, concussions that they're not in a position (to market players)," Whitlock said. "It takes marketing to build the next stars, and they've gotten away with 'Hey, Tom and Peyton, you guys got this.'"

With Brady returning from his four-game suspension, the league could see an uptick in ratings this weekend.

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