Darrelle Revis weighs in on Ryan Fitzpatrick's feud with the New York Jets

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 14, 2016

It's now the middle of June and the New York Jets still don't definitively have a starting quarterback. Geno Smith is the defacto starter under center at the moment, but that's because the team's standoff with Ryan Fitzpatrick remains ongoing with little to no progress being made.

Several players, including Brandon Marshall, have made their feelings about the stalemate known, backing their quarterback and hoping he returns for another magical season. Darrelle Revis hadn't previously taken a stance on the matter prior to Tuesday. It's now clear who he wants to lead his team's offense.

"Ryan is a big part of our success," Revis said, via NJ.com. "He definitely is. He came here and he's broken a bunch of records in the quarterback category. He was a big part of our offense. This [contract standoff] has been going on all offseason, and we're waiting for him to come back." 

Like several other Jets players, Revis is just waiting for the day that Fitzpatrick walks through the locker room doors and takes control of the team once again. 

"I don't make those decisions," he continued. "I definitely don't. Those are not in my hands. We want him back, and we want to see him walk in this locker room." 

Revis is no stranger to contract disputes, having gone through his share during his career. But this one between the Jets and Fitzpatrick is unlike any other. The two sides appear to be far apart in negotiations despite New York offering him a three-year, $24 million deal with $15 million guaranteed. 

Clearly, that offer wasn't enough for Fitzpatrick's liking, though it remains fairly evident that there isn't much of a market for the quarterback. It may be a matter of "Jets or retirement" for Fitzpatrick at this point.

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